A downloadable game

Star Dogs is a game for PC , Android and iOS that is a mix of some exciting things such as:

  • Sci-fi. I adore sci-fi, the architecture, the weaponry, the otherworldly species, the politics, the ships and planets that all go together to create a fantastic yet believable setting.
  • Pirates! Freedom, excitement, a sense of self entitlement. All these things create interesting and fun characters to play as. Though they are law breakers, they aren't all bad.
  • Metroidvania. The bigger ships in the game will be in the style of metroidvania games. Lots of rooms and areas, some accessible and some requiring access by key cards, hacking, or stealth. The player doesn't have to get to all of the rooms in a ship they have boarded but if you do work out a way then it will (most probably...) benefit you!
  • RPG lite elements. This won't be a traditional RPG but it will have some RPG elements such as leveling and character progression, skills to unlock and stats to build to wield bigger, better guns or pirate better ships to reach further star systems.

I am making this game solo, the art at the moment is either placeholder open source art, or created by myself so please do not judge the game on my poor art skills! I will outsource the art at some point in the future.

The game's price is still to be worked out.

Published Jun 12, 2016
StatusIn development
Release date May 31, 2017
TagsMetroidvania, Pirates, Space
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Touchscreen, Smartphone